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10 Dead Doves

by Duonix Studios

by Duonix Studios

it's 2004. the mountains are much older.

Your name is Marcus Stetson. Your glory days of backpacking the harsh Appalachian Trail are over. But you want more. You pool your resources together with your long-time trail buddy, Sean, and you both decide to embark on one final outing.

Things aren't right. The gas lines are cut, the phones are dead -- and your bond with Sean will be put to the test when you recieve a series of cryptic messages from a haunting, bird-like figure in your dreams.

10 Dead Doves
10 Dead Doves

a 2000s-inspired single-player narrative horror adventure

Avoid strange noises, solve puzzles, make tough choices, collect lifelines, and creep through a forest that seems to hate you.

Explore a fully realized short story full of secrets, puzzles, rich characters, tall grass, mystery, beautiful setpieces, thick grass, ██ ████, full voice acting, dead grass, and multiple endings -- which you can influence. Explore the dark recesses beyond The Fence, and try to survive the belly of the beast.

decide your fate

Will you discover why the birds drop dead -- or will you leave behind nothing but footprints?

A tall, hulking figure, The Wren, appears to you in your dreams. What you do will influence your past -- and your future. To make things worse: Something is watching you. What have you done? What will you become? And why must you fear the ███████bird? █████ ██████ ███ ███████.

10 Dead Doves


10 Dead Doves (A+ name, no notes) makes a strong statement with its staggeringly strong production value, intriguing mystery, and polished gameplay. Simply put, 10 Dead Doves is not to be missed.

-Bloody Disgusting

10 Dead Doves reminded me of why I love weird low-budget spooks so much. ...One of the most ambitiously cinematic indie narratives I've seen in a while... It's impossible not to be charmed by the back-and-forth between leads Mark and Sean, or by the uncanny yet whimsical way the characters are animated. In other words, the exact slow-burn spook factor I've been missing.

-Rock Paper Shotgun

It truly takes something wild, weird, or just plain spectacular, to remind you that actually, yes, horror can still surprise you... An unabashed, personal take on a horror story.


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