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10 Dead Doves (A+ name, no notes) makes a strong statement with its staggeringly strong production value, intriguing mystery, and polished gameplay. Simply put, 10 Dead Doves is not to be missed.

-Bloody Disgusting

10 Dead Doves reminded me of why I love weird low-budget spooks so much. ...One of the most ambitiously cinematic indie narratives I've seen in a while... It's impossible not to be charmed by the back-and-forth between leads Mark and Sean, or by the uncanny yet whimsical way the characters are animated. In other words, the exact slow-burn spook factor I've been missing.

-Rock Paper Shotgun

It truly takes something wild, weird, or just plain spectacular, to remind you that actually, yes, horror can still surprise you... An unabashed, personal take on a horror story.


10 Dead Doves gripped me for the entirety of its runtime with a perfect balance between horror and comedy, and the most bewildering part is that I’m not entirely certain it was trying to. This thing surprised and delighted me every moment of its runtime.

-Pixel Die